Twelve Years a Slave – The Naked Truth.

bolt cutters chainHave you seen the movie  Twelve Years A Slave yet?

Did you squirm in your seat like I did? There were scenes that I could not bear to watch. There were emotions that I didn’t want to feel. Though harrowing, it was a movie that had many ideas in it.

Two concepts in this movie still hold (nakedly) true today:-

Firstly,that slavery could even take place and that people could be treated like chattels were behaviours that had to become ‘normal’ within the surrounding culture. If it was not the ‘norm’ it could not have survived for as long as it did. If you had grown up with slavery around you, you would know no other way. A major shift in thinking would have to take place – thank goodness it eventually did.

If you have grown up with the idea that working 9-5 is the ‘norm’ you would know no other way.

Are you ready for a major shift in thinking?

Secondly, at the funeral scene, the main character, ‘Plant’ eventually joins in the singing. Was that a significant moment for you and what did you make of it? I’ll share with you what I thought. Plant had rallied in every way he could, not to become ‘the slave’ – in his mind, in his attitude, in his outlook and hope.  At that point in the movie, he stopped the resistance and gave up the hope he had burning within him and finally accepted that there was no other way. He had become a slave.

Have you given up your dreams of hope for something other than what you are doing now? Have you accepted that there is no other way? It might be because the ‘norm’ around you is stopping you from ‘seeing’ what is possible.

Here’s the one big thing you can do to create your alternative future.

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