How Big is your DESIRE?

How Big is your DESIRE?

Consolidating the Ten Steps to Wealth


While thinking, thinking, thinking, this week about my next steps forward, a number of posts, videos and articles have all pointed to the questions:-

How much do you want it?

 How big is your desire?

Last week Some friends of mine who blog at ”Enterprise for Kids”, posted this powerful video, which is really worth watching. They too are asking themselves the question:-

How Bad Do You Want It?

This week I was ready to start a new book, having just completed another. I picked up “Think and Grow Rich”. I tried to read it about 4 years ago…and really really struggled. Sure it’s written in a stilted old fashioned English style, but I’ve read plenty of factual books so I know how to ignore style for substance. To no avail – it was a weird little book. But, in  these last few nights the book has completely taken me in. It’ brilliant!

What’s changed? Well the words on the page are exactly the same.. I’ve come to the book this time with so much more thinking and exploration of ideas to offer. I am amazed at the difference and the meaning I can extract from the book this time.

And the name of the first chapter?


…or in other words:-

How much do you want it?

..or as the sub heading indicates DESIRE is:-

The starting point of all achievement.

Similar to what I’ve been so sure of since undertaking this bog, Napolean Hill may be talking about “Rich” in terms of money, moolah, the green stuff, but even the publisher in his preface says

“Riches cannot always be measured in money!”

Whether you want more money, better health, connected relationships, successful careers or whatever it is you want, the very first thing you must have is the DESIRE to have it. Not wishing or hoping but a deep DESIRE. And so we must all answer the question ’How much do you want it?”.

We all know the answer deep inside us. We all know when we have in the past really dug to the depths of our souls to find the burning desire for something, whether it be for a material item or for an experience or an achievement. Do you feel that right now about anything at all? What do you really want to experience in this lifetime? How much do you want to experience it?

Your results WILL depend on how much you DESIRE your goal.

I get this feeling deep down, that I have to address this question before I can really move forward.


You can download the Think and Grow Rich for free these days. Here’s a link to one site for you. Let me know what you think.

Think and Grow Rich E-Book







How Big is your DESIRE? — 2 Comments

  1. I loved the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill. And you are so right Linda… is amazing how you can read the same book and get a totally different message each time – proof that we are meaning making machines :)
    Loved your blog, by the way.
    Cath and Trev

    • Hi Cathy and Trevor
      I’ve never experienced so much difference in a book as much as this one! I’m hoping it’s the growth I’m achieving under Paul’s mentorship. The “world” is slightly shifting! Thanks to your blog to find my way back to this amazing book!


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