Well actually my feedback on Paul’s fee workshop last Saturday was “aha” “aha” “aha” “aha” “aha”!

 And here is what I shared with a group of friends, who with me are being blown away in a twelve month (special) series of seminars with Paul Counsel. (We’re about 7 months through)  


Yesterday cemented one of my big “ahas”. I can just “see it” now…although I’m still not quite “achieving” it…but I know I am on my way. It’s been something I’ve been contemplating for a few weeks and I did write about it in my blog last week . Inspired by Enterprise for Kids, I started re-reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The first time I tried to read it I barely got past the first chapter and it didn’t appeal at all.This time it is leaping out of the page for me!

Un-conflicted Belief.

And then on Saturday…all I can hear is the key concept of having “un-conflicted belief”. I don’t think my belief is un-conflicted – I hear it in my language ( even this morning!) and I see it in my thoughts that it is not. I do not have the un-conflicted belief that I can be financially free and live a lifestyle of chosen experiences. I think I am still paying lip service to it. But I KNOW it must happen.

 When Paul draws the diagram of “potentiality into reality” I can “see it”. I can see (aha!) how there is no other way other than for the reality to follow. (In some small concrete way I can relate to that as an architectural designer in that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a building to become reality without the thought first).

And I wonder is there a way to go “towards” un-conflicted? Paul often quotes that he did it in an instant, but can you go towards it to achieve un-conflicted belief? In a conversation I had with Paul in between the workshop and this blog, he has the belief is either conflicted or un-conflicted, but you can work towards the moment.

One friend posted in response: ”Is there a way to go “towards” un-conflicted? ”…..Great question…. I think the answer may be something related to the story I was telling you from Castendena’s book, about how the Indians do the Rain Dance…..

concentrate on the rain, not on the drought…..

If you wish to learn more about the concepts of un-conflicted belief  or any of Paul Counsel’s concepts subscribing to the Ten Steps to Wealth is a great step forward towards your own “aha” moments.






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  1. so refreshing to hear personal thoughts shared. it gives me permission to be braver. Re Saturday’s seminar, I liked the reminder that money doesnt buy happines. Money does buy time to do things other than ‘paid work’; like time with family, time with friends, time to watch my niece in the state cricket team…

    • Hi Roma, it is hard to share personal thoughts with ‘anyone’ isn’t it! I love the “aha” that you got : money buys time and space.I wonder why that seems to be a really hard concept to “get” !

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