Building a House out of Greaseproof Paper.

I’ve just built a house out of kitchen greaseproof paper!  

IMG_2592[1]Here are 2 lessons from my journey for your contemplation.


Lesson #1:

EVERYTHING in the manmade world started as an idea in someone’s head.

Once the idea of “let’s build” is formed, the idea of “what will it look like” appears. An architect expresses his ideas on paper – on greaseproof paper in this household. The photo shows some of the many many sketches that were drawn to develop a final concept.

Design is an iterative process: propose, investigate, refine and repeat

To bring any idea to fruition, use a reiterative process.

How many ideas have you tried, but stopped at first hiccup?

Life is an iterative process



Lesson #2

There is a process to bring an idea into reality.

For an architect it’s something like: – sketch plans> design drawings> construction drawings> detail drawings>approvals>construction>defects period.

If you want to build a house, you would want to find an architect who will lead you through this process of creating the idea into reality. He’s been there before, he understands the pitfalls ahead, encourages wise decisions and holds your hand through the process. It wouldn’t be much use if a surgeon or your mum turned up for the job (unless she’s’ an architect of course!)

If you are looking for a “life architect”, a mentor, someone who has been before you, understands the pitfalls ahead, encourages wise decisions and can hold your hand through your iterative process of designing the life(style) that you want, this one comes with my highest recommendations. Here’s an opportunity to see him present the concept of bringing ideas into reality:-






Building a House out of Greaseproof Paper. — 2 Comments

  1. Brilliant site, Linda. Having first hand experience of your creativity and knowledge of Architecture, I can see this site is going to be informative, and exciting to follow. Cheers

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