Gold Gold Gold…or Silver!!!!

Gold Gold Gold….or Silver!!

If you are interested in a journey to better financial results, then here is an opportunity to learn about investing in Gold or Silver.  There are two actions that are required on the journey to any goal – “Taking Action” and “Learning” all you can about the subject. Here’s your opportunity to do both. The information is here, you just need to take the action!

The talk will be given by Andrew Smith who is a WA mining engineer with an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of gold and silver and investing in these precious metals.  He has nothing to sell, apart from his knowledge.

I’ve attended Andrew’s full day workshop and it was brilliant.

So, if you are interested in attending the Bunbury workshop, then go here , find out more and make contact with the promoters. For a $15 discount mention my name and my blog!

If you are interested in a similar presentation in Perth or as a webinar please contact me at

If you wish to learn about the Ten Steps to Wealth, take action by subscribing here.






Gold Gold Gold…or Silver!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Well worth listening to Andrew! He knows his topic very well. Gold and Silver is looking very interesting at the moment as an investment and as protection against inflation. Andrew will help you fully understand the fundamentals behind these precious metals. Attending his workshop will also be an opportunity to meet and talk to other like minded people in Bunbury.

    • Thanks Trevor. Andrew is worth listening to I agree. Getting together with like-minded people is so important too!

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