Good on You!

Good on You!
Consolidating the Ten Steps to Wealth.

Well the “aha” moments just keep on coming!


This small anecdote probably doesn’t relate directly to Paul’s Ten Steps to Wealth, but it does relate to personal growth. One of the encouragements that Paul offers is not to judge things as right/wrong/good/bad. Just be in a moment of action, conversation, meditation and just observe. I know that I am competitive, and I know that I can be judgmental. Perhaps they are both very useful qualities at times, but I have a feeling that for personal growth, they may not be great tools. Both of those qualities will likely keep me exactly where I am.

I was in a conversation with two colleagues, one a new mum who was expressing concern about continuing breastfeeding beyond 6 months. I blurted out (there is no other way to describe the audio) “I breastfed for 4 years”. The intention of that statement was to offer some experience and that it is not necessarily an all or nothing option. However at the same time as blurting it out I realised it sounded like a competitive statement: “Hey this is what I did and aren’t I good at it!”. And you know what this wonderful young mum responded with?

“Good on You!”

I felt terrible but also amazed at how fantastic her response was. I later apologised and was able to offer the experience and encouragement that women should be offering each other regarding motherhood.


My “aha” moment was to stand back and observe the situation and wonder both how I would have reacted and how I do react in situations that make me feel competitive, judgmental, envious or right/wrong. Whatever it is I would normally do, I am now going to try my absolute utmost to say

“Good on You!”
And mean every word of it!

So if you have achieved the lifestyle that you want whatever it may be, are proud of your career, have found relationship nirvana, are content with your fitness and health levels, and any or all of the above I say to you:-

“Good on You!”

…but just in case you want a little bit more in any of those areas or want to achieve a personal goal of some sort, I can recommend subscribing to the Ten Steps to Wealth as a good way to start your journey!


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