Happy Normal Year?

Another Normal Year Ahead


For the last few months of 2012 I faced some serious health issues. As a certified “wuss” when it comes to medical procedures, it was all quite frightening, truth be told. You probably think I’m going to say that I had some moments of clarity or found my “purpose in life” or made some serious changes. Not at all!

All I wanted was to be back to normal.

It is only now, that I’ve more or less recovered, I’ve had the greatest clarity:

Normal is what I’ve been trying to get away from.

So for 2013 and beyond

I want a new normal.

What do you want?


Happy Normal Year? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Linda thanks for sharing your aha! moment.
    My new normal includes fun, new experiences and giving myself ‘me’ time.

    • Hi Roma,thanks for sharing. I need more fun too! I often say that I will give myself more “me” time, but maybe rather than stating I will give it to me, acievement of it lies somewhere in the question “HOW will I give myself more me time?”. Just thinking out loud and searching for more “aha ” moments. Mwah.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Sorry to hear that you had to face some serious health issues. Great that you coming out on the positive side. May I commend a book that I read over Xmas seeking guidance to find ‘normal’ / a better balance – Harvard Business Review Guide to Getting The Right Work Done.

    It’s an easy read that I found very enlightening with a range of great strategies to get your time back. I intend to implement a number in 2013.

    All the very best for 2013.

    • Hi Ian, it’s great to connect with you again. Thanks for the book recommendation, which is priceless, and I’ll put the link on the reading page so others can find it easily.I will certainly read it.

      Recently I read a book called “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock, which was a simple read on a similar vein. I liked Rock’s book because he referenced studies on how the brain really works, which is a topic I’m increasingly becoming interested in, and coming to understand that it’s at the centre of all our successes and failures! ( Heavy…)



  3. Hi Linda,
    Sorry for late reply – new comer to Linkin and still coming to terms with it.

    Hope others find the book also useful. The beauty of it is the collection of ‘to the point’ extracts with the option to read further subject to personal interest. For me it covers (amongst others) the important issues of energy management, getting the best out of the time available, removing the ‘monkeys’ and managing emails – all to protect your time and health.

    Your book recommendation looks very interesting and something I’ve had some interest in, specifically the cognitative processes of the brain. I aim to read it asap.



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