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WHO IS LINDA SLATER ? In 1998, I knew that I had to try and map a better financial future for myself so  I read   ”Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the best advice I ever got from it was to attend seminars.  I attended enough seminars to get me enough knowledge about the mechanics of wealth over the interim years to help me gain some moderate financial gain. This allowed me and my family to enjoy some of the little luxuries of life.

Now in my 50s, I’ve realised that the mechanics of wealth is not enough and using the “Ten Steps to Wealth”  is getting me to the place I want of financial  freedom and the subsequent personal freedom I really crave.

Come read the the “Ten Steps to Wealth” and join me on my journey through my blog page, where  I’ll be ruminating on what each of the ten steps mean to me  as well as other sharing other tips.


Linda Slater