Your Lifes Results : Your (Hidden) Values.

Ten Steps to Wealth, Health and a Fabulous LIfe.

Your results are an expression of your values.

Ten Steps to Wealth Your Results Your (Hidden) ValuesIf you are not getting what you want, you may be experiencing values dissonance because of a mismatch between your desires and your values.

 Maybe just  reflecting your on your life’s results and writing them down was enough for you to understand how your life so far has been determined by your current values.  I needed to pin those results down and really understand the concept of values, and  hopefully what I did will help you.

Consider your results against this handy list of ‘values’. The list is not exhaustive, neither is it the ONLY list you can use, but it should form a good basis for your discovery:-


Freedom          Happy Retirement          Security          Good Health          Family, Parents, Relatives           Friendships          Meeting the ’Right Person’          Close Relationship with Children          Spirtual Fulfilment          Peace of Mind               Wealth               Living to an Old Age          Being in Business for Yourself          KNowing Important or Famous People          Personal Possessions, Cars, Jewellry,Houses          Contributions of Time, Money or Knowledge to Others          Happiness          Having no Problems to Deal With          Free Time          Fame          Close Relationship with Spouse/Mate          Power          Adventure and Travel          Sense of Accomplishment           Respect from Others            Being thought of as Good or Smart.     


So….on the left hand side of your page you would have written your life’s results. On the right hand side of the page, adjacent to each result, now write the value that has driven them.

Remember there is no right, wrong good or bad….just results and values.

Did you like what you saw?

To be honest – there was one result/value that really gave me a reality check. ‘Personal Possessions’ was a value that was driving the results of achieving a beautiful house. (You can see it here at ). We have spent many hours, much money and much of our lives achieving this house. One could argue that being architects we were enculturated with that value in our training….but I know many architects who live in modest houses in modest suburbs. 


And here’s the bottom line…..

If  you want different results – you gotta change your values!


And in the next blog I’ll show you which values can incarcerate you!





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Edit: added the links on 13/03/13 – silly me!



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