Live Score Update….

Live Score Updates.

Consolidating the Ten Steps to Wealth. 

Live Score UpdateI spent the weekend attending another of Paul Counsel’s workshops, so frankly, with that amount of information whirling around in my head, I’m pretty exhausted….physically. Internally I’m exhilarated – so many “aha” moments to contemplate, share and action.  One of the biggest “aha” moments this week was to really truly deeply look at my current results and ask myself:

What are my live score updates?

And so I ask you: what are your live score updates?

What are your scores where you most want to achieve them?

If you drew a horizontal line from 0-10 and marked your current score for ANY area of your life, what are you revealing about yourself?

Values, rules and beliefs

Our current results, be they in the areas of health, relationships, finance or career, tell us a lot about ourselves. They reflect the values we have placed on these areas up until now. Whatever you value most, you will organise yourself around. Where are you the most highly organised? What do you do well?

Our current results reflect the rules we have agreed to about these areas. Are these your rules or someone else’s? They reflect our beliefs in those areas. It’s always surprising how often our own belief in our selves is much much lower than what others have in us.

As any sports player would know, unless they change something, anything, about the way they are currently playing, their results won’t change. Their current scores are the result of their current values, rules and beliefs about themselves as much as their techniques, if not more.  And to extend the analogy, maybe it’s time to change the coach!

If you’ve been taking your investment advice from people who work 9-5, health advice from the magazines, career advice from your colleagues or relationship advice from your family, maybe it is time to change coaches, because it’s likely that you’ve taken on their values, rules and beliefs about for your life. Go read, learn and take action for your own life. The easiest way is to learn from those from those who have already achieved the results your want.

In the mean time, have a look at your “live score update”, because nothing will change unless you make some changes first.

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