Meet Paul Counsel!


Consolidating the Ten Steps to Wealth.


Well, here’s your chance to meet the man himself!

Paul is delivering a free one day seminar in Fremantle on Saturday 6 October.

He’ll be covering the fields of Purpose, Health, Relationships and Wealth.


CLICK HERE access the page that will tell you all about the day, and give you further information on how to secure a seat.

The blurb says”seats are strictly limited and will book fast”. You and I know that sometimes this is a marketing push, so I rang Paul yesterday and these are the facts:  The room holds about 300 people. The group he has organised the seminar for has a list of over 10,000 people to which email invitations have been sent. About 100 seats were already booked at the time.

It’s up to you! (It always is, isn’t it?)

I can’t get you a discount, because it’s free, but I can let you know that it’s happening!

If you want to read about Paul’s own journey and how you too can start on a similar journey then subscribe to the Ten Steps to Wealth. It too is free.

If you want more information about Paul, the Ten Steps to Wealth or more information about the 6 October, then please contact me at

…oh, and if you want email notification when I post a new blog, I’ve added a subscription form in the sidebar. Feel free to fill it in.







Meet Paul Counsel! — 2 Comments

  1. Greetings Linda

    Thanks for the mention and I hope to get a chance to meet your readers in person. Please introduce me on the day and I’ll see if I can spend some extra time with them if they like.

    Based on the information I’ll be delivering on the 6th of Oct, I presented three special invite preview presentations at Edith Cowan University last week.

    The response was overwhelming gratitude as guests found their missing pieces to all the questions they’ve been thinking but never had an opportunity to ask.

    Hopefully, your readers will have a similar response.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there

    Paul Counsel

    • Hi Paul
      thanks for the offer of meeting my readers, and I’ll certainly take you up on it if they they want to. They know how to contact me!!

      See you there.


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