Welcome to the Ten Steps to ….??



…Job satisfaction?

…Better Relationships?

Well that’s my first question of you, and of the Ten Steps. I make the assertion that the Ten Steps to Wealth can form the foundation for the Ten Steps to {insert your goal here}. So let’s put the Welcome chapter to the test….

“…invest in a journey of change in order to bring about a new and healthier profitable future”

…”the most important part of achieving job satisfaction the wealth process is to get started by taking small steps. “

I observed that if other people were living lives within healthy relationships of economic and personal freedom, why couldn’t I? What were their thoughts, attitudes, strategies, values, beliefs, habits and behaviors?

I am confident the Ten Steps to Wealth can be a blueprint for you own Ten Steps!

Essentially the Welcome Chapter is about Paul’s own interesting journey, but the most significant points for me were these words:-

…but it’s going to take time to achieve this because all serious change takes and amount of time and application

…the most important part of it is to get started by taking small steps. “

As he often says in our chats – “success is an emergent”!