Is Email overload stopping you….??

Is email overload stopping you from being effective or efficient in the workplace?

Is email overload stopping you from being effective in your home life?

Is email overload stopping you from achieving financial and personal freedom?

Is email overload stopping you from subscribing to the Ten Steps to Wealth?

If Outlook is your main point of communication at work or at home, then you may need  to reconsider how you are using it.

Rule #1: Do not use your Outlook INBOX as your “to-do” list. I can almost guarantee that is why you are failing!

Rule #2: Unsubscribe to unwanted notifications(social networks), newsletters, blog alerts etc. As Mark Hurst advises ” let go of the bits”: i.e “bits” of information.

Rule #3: It will take some time to rethink, revalue the information, and set up alternative systems. It won’t happen overnight. More on this in a later blog

MANAGING EMAIL OVERLOAD: On the sidebar are links to two books that have made a difference to the way I have worked on my own email overload. I have used the tips essentially at work but also at home with great success. It will require a change to your way of “thinking” – and sometimes that can be the most challenging aspect of change!

Mark Hurst’s book ” Bit Literacy:Productivity in the Age of Information and Email Overload” provides the clarity on understanding the difference between emails and “to-do” lists. He urges us to review what information we really are welcoming into our in-boxes and to “let go”. It requires a change of thinking about emails and the email culture. He does sell a small app “Good- todo”;  I haven’t used it, although the reviews are excellent.  He is also the founder of the GEL conference which is based on his passion of good customer experience. His newsletter is one that I do welcome into my inbox,because it’s really useful and often funny! At the end of his book he asks you to email him directly with feedback. I did and he replied; shows integrity if not efficiency.
Cyril Peupion,an Australian, has written the book “Work Smarter Live Better” . In it he has very similar information to Hurst regarding email overload but extends his advice as to how to prioritise your hours in the workplace. He has worked with many top Australian companies and CEOs.The best piece of advice I gained was “What is one thing that I could do next that would be the most effective“. 
Both books are simple and entertaining reads, and will inspire you to change

A few of us at my workplace meet once a month to share our progress and innovations whilst conquering our overload! Having a group of like minded people around you is the best way to keep motivated and move forward towards change.

To make time to read and start the journey on the Ten Steps to Wealth (health, dream job or relationship), it might be worth reviewing some of the anchors holding you back. Email overload may be one of them!