The Mindset You Follow Literally Determines The Results You Get.

Ten Steps to WealthPathway to Prosperity is a series of twelve seminars in Perth being delivered by Paul Counsel, at Mt Lawley ECU, once a month.  If you have been following my blog and reading Ten Steps to Wealth, then you will understand that this pathway to prosperity relates to any aspect of life your wish to focus on – health, relationships, career paths and yes, money, if you wish. Pauls words are: “Just choose an important outcome for you and allow me to support you in attaining that outcome.”

Following is an AHA moment that you and I could have shared if you had been there too.

The mindset you follow literally determines the results you get!

Everything, everything , everything you do or think about, has a mindset attached to it. For instance listen to yourself and others in conversation. It’s likely there will be lots of statements like:-

“I prefer…”

“I like…”

“I tend to…”

“I believe…”

“I know…”

… and the one statement that really locks you in is

“I am…”

“I am…” is a full stop. It is a mindSET. There is no more to discuss.

The alternative to a mind SET is a mindSCAPE.

A way forward, a possible change, a new way of seeing what is already there. An opportunity to reframe; reframe  past experiences, reframe what you do, and most importantly reframe the results you are getting when you are trying to make changes.

If you want to consider reframing your future, come along to Pathway to Prosperity. The next evening is Wednesday 21 August, 7pm, ECU Mt Lawley. For more details:-


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I’ll see you there!