Seeking Asylum in Your Comfort Zone

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This weekend I had another “aha” moment, which will no doubt carry me closer to my goals of financial freedom. It is best described by asking the question of myself:

Do I seek asylum in my comfort zone?

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I think we have all used the term “comfort zone” in relation to ourselves. We “know’ when we’ve stepped out of our   comfort zone, and I’m sure we’ve all used the words “Oh, that was outside my comfort zone

In any journey towards a new goal, I have to step outside of my comfort zone. There is no choice. If moving towards a goal I truly desired was within my comfort zone, I would have already achieved it. It must therefore exist outside of my comfort zone. It will be uncomfortable and for many reasons it’s likely to be scary. That’s not to say it can’t be exhilaratingly uncomfortable! Take a roller coaster ride for instance.



The theory that was proposed this weekend was that once I get to around 10% above or below my comfort zone, I will do something, anything, to get back within the zone. I will create or borrow a ‘drama’ of some kind that will allow me to get back in. I suspect tha tthe  drama helps me to save face with others if not myself.

I watched a movie called “Revolutionary Road” which dramatised this point really really well. Just as the couple were starting to step out of their comfort zone and attempting  a wonderful change in their lives, they were pulled back into the “enculturated” comfort zone by a number of things including fear, friends and self created drama.

I look back over the times when I previously tried to reach some goals – be they career moves and particularly health aspirations – and I can see that I have used “drama”, whether self created or conveniently accessed, to pull myself back into my comfort zone. It was too scary to achieve those goals; it was easier to stay put.

One of the most affecting lines of the movie for me was this one:-

We never forget the truth; we just get better at lying

I send my apologies to you if this post may be too intense for your liking. I make no apologies for asking myself the hard questions.



If you subscribe to the Ten Steps to Wealth, you can access Paul discussing comfort zones many times.  Although it’s a well known concept, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It’s worth delving into if you are aspiring to reach new goals.







Seeking Asylum in Your Comfort Zone — 5 Comments

  1. Love the post Linda. We are all guilty of hanging out in our comfort zone. Nothing right or wrong about it; however, remaining in our comfort zone holds us back from greatness.

    • Hi Trevor, thanks for reminding me that there is nothing right or wrong about seeking asylum in our comfort zones. It can hold you back from new things if that is what your are seeking, and I guess I am! cheers

  2. great reminder Linda. We get so accustomed to being in a comfort zone, even if it is not all that comfortable. Hurray to those who challenge me!

    • Hi Roma, thanks for the comment. As both you and Paul Counsel say: your comfort zone is not neccesarily comfortable!

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