Step 6 – Release the Power Within – The Ten Steps to Wealth.

Step 6 – Release the Power Within – The Ten Steps to Wealth.


In the previous Step to Wealth, Step Five, I engaged with Paul’s challenge to believe in myself.  Also, if I can come to understand how the brain works, then perhaps I can relearn to do so!

In Step 6 of the Ten Steps to Wealth, the invitation is to move forward and make mistakes!

Release the Power WithinWhat? Make mistakes?

Well, yes!

Your goal must be clear! One of the things I have come to realise above all else, is that fuzzy goals are of little use. “I will walk to the park”, is a lot different to “I’d like to go for a walk””. (Not better or worse; just different)

To achieve your goal you must make some movement towards it. To walk to the park you might have to do this series of steps: get up; put on shoes; go out the back door; walk across the road etc . It can be broken down into infinitely smaller steps than those mentioned.

You will receive feedback! To get to the shoes you need to open the bottom drawer, not the top drawer; to go out the back door you need to walk down the corridor not through the kitchen; to get to the park you need to turn left out of the gate, not right. Etc

It’s what you do with the feedback that counts! So if you opened the wrong drawer and could not find your shoes, then you’ve been given some feedback. It’s what you do with that feedback that counts. You could give up at the first attempt to find your shoes and just not go to the park or you could try another drawer.

Useful Corrections Count! You could of course try the same drawer again (‘I know I left those shoes in there last night”…familiar anyone??)  You would of course produce the same result and not have gotten any closer to your goal of walking in the park. OR.  You could correct your behavior and try a different drawer. The second action may also not be successful BUT it was more effective at getting closer to your goal than opening the same drawer again, or doing nothing!

The Possible! So if my goal is to find financial freedom, and yours is perhaps to find improved health, better career prospects or to seek connected relationships, then why could we not use the feedback we get when we make mistakes, as opportunities and positive learning experiences instead of “proof” that what we want to achieve is impossible? Maybe it’s not!


If you subscribe to the Ten Steps to Wealth, Paul expands on this idea using the avocado seed as an analogy for the need for fertile environments, and how attracting pleasure and avoiding pain keeps most of us at a standstill

“Make mistakes, and make them quickly!”

is becoming one of my favourite mottos!






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