Step One – The Ten Steps to Wealth.

Step One – Ten Steps to Wealth.

You may have just joined the Ten Steps to Wealth at about the time I’m writing this or perhaps are checking out the archives, because you’ve subscribed some time later. Either way, welcome to my blog where, as my website tagline indicates I will share with you my “aha” moments, and I will also share with you what each step, from the Tens Steps to Wealth means to me. Let’s give it a go with Step One…

The title that Paul Counsel gives to Step One is: “Congratulate Yourself”. I agree, and have already patted myself on the back for starting on this journey. By doing something different I must be able to produce  different results compared to what I have produced so far!

One of the big “aha” moments for me in this journey is the realisation that success is not a guarantee, but an emergent. There is no guarantee that you will succeed, but if you change something in your life just a little, the results must be different eventually. The amazing thing is that and over time, the results will compound.

If you can understand that doing things differently will produce different results, then the really poignant thought follows: the results you have in your life now are the results of what you have done in the past.

But the future isn’t bleak at all! A different future can exist. We create our future every single day by what we do, what we think, the decisions we make and the actions we do or don’t take. Of course we can’t control the future…I’m not mad to think that! But we can put in to place a movement towards a different future to the one with the current results, just by doing some things differently. The future will arrive anyway.

Again I say to you: this whole journey does not need to be about “wealth”. Just substitute the word wealth with health, job satisfaction or relationships. The concept is the same.

I hope you enjoy reading the first step in the Ten Steps to Wealth and thinking about the concept of small but compounding changes. I will delve further into this concept later on.




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