Step Two – Ten Steps To Wealth – Seek New Solutions

Step Two of the Ten Steps to Wealth, is titled “Seek New Solutions” and I’m going to share how I have actually experienced this.

In this step, Paul really prompts you to think about taking steps TOWARDS your goals. By not doing anything that takes you closer (no matter how small a step) then by default you are doing nothing, and success is virtually impossible.

Learning from successful people is something I am learning to do. Not only from Paul, who has made a vocation of mentoring by unpicking what he did and then teaching others, but also from others that I have come to know.

Part of my journey on my Ten Steps to Wealth involves finally taking action on an idea for product that I’ve had for over 15 years. I’ve tried to develop the idea on my own a few times in the past and have hit brick walls for a number of reasons: lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and lack of mentor/inspiration.  

When I once discussed my idea with the Small Business Council of WA they could not “get” what I was trying to describe, and the person I spoke to dismissed me quite quickly with his own interpretation of the idea. Brickwall! I had gathered lots of information but did not know how to put it all together and move forward.

I also tried to share the idea with two separate friends, knowing full well that two heads are better than one. Brickwall! They didn’t have the vision. They were desk jobbers so how could they?

About 12 months ago I decided to seek new solutions. I reconnected with Paul and he has set me on my own journey on the Ten Steps to Wealth.  I have sought better information, accessed coaches and mentors and have networked with others with a similar entrepreneurial mindset.

I have paid for some mentoring from a woman who has been successful at establishing her own businesses, and in  importing, marketing and product design. That mentoring catapulted the idea from imagination to reality!

I have re connected with a primary school friend who with her husband have established a few successful businesses. Their mentorship has been absolutely invaluable. It has given me points of view I would not have considered, as well as factual information that I need to work on my financials. I hope they have had as much fun as I have had!

By attending Paul’s courses I’ve been able to connect with others that I can bounce ideas off, and receive positive reaffirming ideas and direction.

The advice to seek new solutions within the Ten Steps to Wealth seems to be working for me!





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