Ten Steps to Wealth…at the Cafe?

What on earth could I mean by Ten Steps to Wealth at the Café?

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about this topic for a few weeks now, and it’s based upon Paul’s recent experience, when he attempted to launch a new series of webinars called “Your Blue Print to Achievement”. As fantastic as I know the information to be, the launch was a failure almost solely because of the marketing. Let’s face it: who would sit at the café with friends and say:

“Gee I’m really looking for a blueprint for achievement”.

The title killed it because it’s not what we say we are looking for. So what do we say we are looking for?

I know that some of the conversations I have with friends at the café revolve around thinking up exotic holidays ( I’d really love to go and see…) or things we would like to do “one day” (I’d love to be able to spend more time…) or we start comparing war wounds (Had to go to the physio again…) or our latest acquisitions ( I bought a new “x” last week), and often we talk about how busy our lives are and wishing for the “lotto life” ( One Powerball and I’m outta here…). Sometimes in more serious conversations we discuss the financial stresses in our lives, but mostly not. These are hinted at though (I can’t afford that; I’m broke this week; how does he/she afford it?). And rarely do we talk about the future/old age/retirement – in fact we treat it with dismissal. (Just put me in a nursing home, she’ll be right…)


Underlying all the things we talk about at the cafe, is a silent desperation for just that little bit more money. We could travel a bit more; spend more time with the loved people in our life, not with the people in our work; we could afford the time and money to visit the physio whenever we needed; we could slow down to the pace we want to set ourself; we could afford a few nice things and not always make do; and we could afford the choice to die at home and not be forced to sell our house to fund the sterile nursing home, finally wondering “Is this what my life has come to?”.


So if  more money is what we all really want, why do we all have problems getting past the email, facebook, linkedin post or tweet that refers to “make more money” or “achieve more” and the such?

The Ten Steps to Wealth – might not be the exact words we use while chatting in the café….but they’re closer than we’d like to admit methinks!





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