Ten Steps to Wealth – Step Three – Take Action and Be in Control.

In Step Three of the Ten Steps to Wealth Paul asks you to “Take Action and Be in ControlTen Steps to Wealth - take action

I remember Paul talking about “action”, many years ago, and having a profound “aha” moment  at them time.  I used to believe: “knowledge is power”. Not power in the sense of political corruption or the like (that is a huge other discussion), but power in my life. I thought that the more knowledge I had, I could control some outcomes in my immediate life, or life circumstances. It’s understandable: if I know enough about a topic, then I can’t be blinded by rhetoric, persuasion or social pressure. For instance, after I had read from many sources about the possible side effects of food additives, I eliminated them from my diet; or on learning that I could buy cosmetics that were not tested on animals I changed my purchasing habits; or by understanding how urban myths work, I could sort out the truth from propaganda (as best I could).

So on the face of it, knowledge appears to be power. Not so, says Paul Counsel, and I agree with him. Semantic knowledge, the knowledge that we acquire by reading, listening and studying, exists as potential. You need to add action, or doingness. Without action nothing changes. If you dissect my own experiences cited above it was the action that I took, that created the power I had in my life. I eliminated additives, I purchased other cosmetics and I stopped promoting urban myths.

In terms of the Ten Steps to Wealth, health, improved career prospects or perhaps fulfilling relationships, whatever your goals or dreams may be, I think the same applies. In Step Three the call was to “seek new solutions” and now the call is to action. Whether you have acquired knowledge on your specific goal or have been inspired by Paul to seek new knowledge, you must take action next, to provide you with experiences and failures that will see you moving forward.

In my last blog, I mentioned a product that I was developing. Only recently I’ve had another “failure” in the process of getting the product to market.  Now with mentors in place, I have the support and encouragement to be able to gain knowledge from the actions that led me to the mistake but I can keep moving forward and avoid the brick walls: greater knowledge + momentum of action.

My own experiences are finding that it is true that knowledge + action is a part of the equation that will help me achieve my goals.

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