The Most Powerful Way to Change your Values.

At the precipice of Decision.The most powerful way to change your values can be both the simplest way and the hardest way.

This most powerful way to change your values is that you simply to decide to change them. The key is, however, that your decision to change must be un-conflicted.

Your decision to change must be un-conflicted

The most complete and poignant changes you will encounter around you are those taken  by people who are faced with  life/death decisions. On such a frightening precipice, you can make major life-changing decision completely un-conflicted. Your values can change in an instant. Hopefully you won’t need to wait for such a moment!

On the other hand, it is likely you have experienced un-conflicted decision making in your life at some time or other, so you know deep down it is possible. For example, for things that no longer serve you, you can often make a complete un-conflicted decision, overnight to:-

  • give up smoking
  • withdraw from a relationship
  • change a job
  • no longer eat certain food/s
  • change the way you feel about something

The birth of your child often brings about value changes too, and is something you might be able to draw on from your own experiences.

If you are contemplating changes to your results, which will follow changes to your values, you must ask yourself if your decision to change your value/s is truly un-conflicted? Is it loaded with conditions? “..I’ll give it a damn good go”,” ..I’ll try my hardest”, “ long as it doesn’t interfere with…”  and so on. If there is a shred of doubt in your mind as to whether you can achieve your change then it becomes a “try”, not a decision.  As Yoda says to Luke Skywalker in Starwars:-

 ”No, try not. Do or do not…there is no try…”

Is it easy?

It can be – ask the cancer patient how easy it is to change aspects of their life in their quest for longevity.

Is it difficult?

It can be – ask yourself how many New Year’s resolutions have failed?

The reason for both ease and difficulty lies in the way your brain works. Your subconscious in fact. In short your un-conflicted decision goes straight into the subconscious, whereas a ”try” goes straight in to battle with your subconscious, and it can’t win.  But that’s another story or two…

To achieve different results in your life, you must change your values. The most powerful and simplest way is to make an un-conflicted change to your current value/s. Whether it be more money, career aspirations, better health or improved relationships, the method is the same.

Are their any experiences in your life that you can draw on that will help you make the changes you wish?



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