The Values that Enslave You !

Warning: Be careful what you value!

Too dire? Well at least be aware of what you value and how it impacts your life.

A pair of legs chained

If you have read the previous blogs Your Life’s Results, The Surefire Way to Uncover your Values, Your values = Your Life  you’ve probably come up with a list of your life’s results and finally uncovered without doubt what YOUR present values are . So what’s next?


Well here’s the deal : some of those values will incarcerate or enslave you, others will set you free! I’ll show you why and how.


Here’s a list of values from the preivous blog for your perusal once again

Freedom          Happy Retirement          Security          Good Health          Family, Parents, Relatives           Friendships          Meeting the ‘Right Person’          Close Relationship with Children          Spirtual Fulfilment          Peace of Mind               Wealth               Living to an Old Age          Being in Business for Yourself          Knowing Important or Famous People          Personal Possessions,  Cars,  Jewelry, Houses          Contributions of Time, Money or Knowledge to Others          Happiness          Having no Problems to Deal With          Free Time          Fame          Close Relationship with Spouse/Mate          Power          Adventure and Travel          Sense of Accomplishment           Respect from Others            Being thought of as Good or Smart.    

It may not be black and white, and there is much room for debate, but you can divide them up to be either  intrinsic or extrinsic values.  I know you will know  how they apply to you!

Extrinsic values: Personal possessions, fame, power. These can only be satisfied by what is outside of you. You may be doing something to get a reward, a reaction or to please someone. The satisfaction of those  value lies outside of yourself and out of your control.

Intrinsic values: Freedom, peace of mind, sense of accomplishment. Satisfying and achieving intrinsic values rely on your inner self.


Here’s a great image of the two terms:-


…  and here’s the rub:-

You will be a slave to your Extrinsic Values.

All I need to say is “Keeping up with the Jones’s” and you will understand the simplest example of how values can incarcerate you. If you have to rely on something or someone else to satisfy and achieve your values, you cannot be other than a “slave” to that something or someone else. The control lies outside of yourself.

Remember there is no Right, Wrong, Good or Bad – just your life’s results that indicate what your values have been up to the present. And why you may be feeling “incarcerated” or stuck.

So can you change your values? Sure can!


I’ll show you some ways to do that in my future blogs. ( Sign up on your right for ntoification)

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The Values that Enslave You ! — 6 Comments

  1. Spot on Linda! We are conditioned to “want what the Jones have” from our experiences in life whilst growing up. There is a sense of freedom when you consciously make decisions to go against that conditioning… but you do have to think about it and actually make the conscious choice! I look forward to the next post.

  2. When I went through your values list, it seems that everything I chose was from the intrinsic side. Phew, no incarceration for me! I see alot people get into mining to satisfy their extrinsic values. It’s funny how they are the same people that are the most dissatisfied with their job!

    • Hey Lisa, what a great observation about job dissatisfaction & extrinsic values! Congratulations on being intrinsically driven within your values. I still have some work to do!

  3. Great article Linda. I think so often people value what they think they should value rather than taking time with themselves to find their true intrinsic values. As a result, I think many people end up disconnected from who they are and chase a life that has no real value to them.

    I find it sad when people say that if they had to do it over again, they would…. We should always strive to live our values. And sometimes in doing that we have to step away from all that we have made ‘familiar’ to find our authenticity. There is no more important journey.

    In return, we need to respect what others truly value in their lives without judgement. Our values are so personal and represent who we were born to be and why we are here to contribute.

    • Thanks Liz. Discovering what your actual values are is so important to the whole of your life ,especially your future life. Once you are awaken to how they work, then “life’s regrets” will no longer exist, and respect for others will follow. How well you have put it : “There is no more important journey.”

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