Your Values = Your Life.

The Ten Steps to Wealth.

Such a simple equation!   Your Values = Your Life.

And of course:    Your Life = Your Values.

How do you know what your current personal values even are? Over the next three blogs I’m going to take you on a journey, hopefully an “aha” journey, and help you truly figure out what your values are.

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Did you too feel inundated by the annual call for ‘goal setting’ in the pre and post new year emails, facebook posts,blogs and newspaper articles? The theory goes that you need to have your values in place before you start setting your goals. If you start aiming for goals that are not aligned with your key values, life could be very challenging indeed. So how do you start identifying what your key life values really are?

I think that most of us would answer the questions “What are your values” and “What’s really important to you” with responses including family, health or career or even more esoteric ones such as quality, love or freedom perhaps.

I went on a ‘values‘ journey myself recently, and went down a couple of well intentioned paths, but remained confused until I had the biggest “AHA’ moment yet, thanks to Paul Counsel.

I’ll share with you the ONLYand SIMPLEST way to work out what YOUR values are.

First and foremost, as Paul Counsel constantly reminds us:-There is no right,wrong,good or bad. It just is.

Your values are yours alone. They just are.


You might want to join me in my first foray into ’values elecitation’ with this on line tool.  Why not try it?

For something a little lighter try this little workbook like I did.:-


In the Ten Steps to Wealth, Paul mentions “value” often, in terms of the value of money, and why wouldn’t he? Its the Ten Steps to “Wealth“.

 …spend on things that will not add one cent of value to their lives. (Step 8)

  You want the value of these assets to compound. (Step 9)


If your goals are not to realise greater finances but perhaps better career results, improved relationships or increased health, then you may wish to consider the following quote from Paul Counsel in Step 2 and insert your own goal where the word “wealth” is used. The formula is the exactly the same:-

If you want wealth [health, realtionships, career prospects], and your results to date are not what you would like, then there must be reasons for it. The first most important gift you can give yourself is to understand that your current thoughts, beliefs and values underpin these reasons. Unless youtransform your beliefs about yourself, or society, or circumstance, or your ability to change, into more powerful beliefs and values, it will be almost impossible to change your results.

If you want to read Paul Counsel’s Ten Steps to Wealth, click HERE.


In my next blog I’ll share with you the simplest most effective way to understand what YOUR CURRENT VALUES are – the way that got me my AHA moment!

Meantime I hope you enjoy the contemplation.



PS. If you want to experience Paul Counsel talk about values, you may want to join in this casual Sunday afternoon event.

I can personally recommend it. ( If you want a 50% discount, please contact me at
















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